that day

She danced that day

The day that blurred into two.

The day the year passed halfway


She found her half that day.


The half she thought she lost

Forever, with a lover or a friend,

Had he been both or

Had there been more,

She couldn’t remember.


That gnawing gaping hole within her

was all she remembered

all she had missed.


That day though

She beamed whole.

Full and radiant

She danced that day.



As the clouds ebbed against the mountains

As the flowers peeked through the rocks

She fell and she found.


That beautiful blessed day.


Love hidden in the whishing of the trees.

The cooing of the pigeons

The rainbow lining of the setting sun.

In the shared smiles and widened eyes.

In the magic setting over their limber bodies.

immersed in such magnitudes of feeling and awe.



She danced. She soared.

She loved

As she fell and she found.


That day of renewal

That day of birth

As the year

Turned half.



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