fairy tale

Once upon a time there live a girl who was incurably sad. She would stare at the clouds, the changing blue sky, the crows for hours long. She would dream of shrugging off the human and joining them in the sky. She came from a line of good, ordinary, hard-working souls. They determinedly plodded along, day after day, they worked at it. They were as happy as they could be which is why no matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t understand her.
“When you have nothing to be sad about and so much to be grateful for, how can you still be sad? Snap out of it. Shrug it off. Do something. Do something productive.” They would berate her for his passivity. Often they would get fed up and they will leave her be. Even she would try and try to not be so sad. How hard could it be to smile a smile that reached her eyes?
She grew up to twenty five like this lost, sad, attempting to plod her way on like everybody else. She made friends. She fell out of friends. She fell into desperate crushes. She fell into love. She did what they all did. At times she would experience these moments of acceptance, acceptance she promptly forgot all the other times.

Even in the back of her mind she knew it. The story, everybody’s story took place starting from the not knowing. Even in all rational and logical reasoning she knew it. You could never possibly know anything. And yet still she helplessly dreamt and worried and wondered about this incurable sadness that weighed in more and more every day, heavier as the moment continued and passed.

A day like any other, she was walking her dog on a section of the community. On and on they walked their rounds. The sky changed colour peach to purple as they chatted away. She told her dog everything no one had asked her. She couldn’t have found a better listener than Charlie. Chocolate brown eyes staring up at her, melting in all the love and that happy sway to that constant tail wag could not be replaced by any mere interested human. There were three houses on the stretch alongside three street lamps, on their ninth round, the girl and the dog’s, something strange began to happen. The light began to flicker in beat. The houses were empty. The street lamps- all three flickering most eerily. The back of her neck prickled, a cat with all its hair raised, she felt. And then all of a sudden just as they were going to turn before the dead end boundary wall, all three lamps went off and the darkness dropped down heaven floors down. Just as quick as the eerie had descended it disappeared.

The barest second. She shook her head disbelieving, the lamps were on, the stretch the same and Charlie as happy as ever. But somehow that doubt she just couldn’t shake off. Something had happened there. She knew it- all the same things put together doesn’t make it the same. She felt an edge, a blur to the ends of what she saw; the glue holding it all together, the blanket tucking the world in. She felt it. She saw it. Almost.

Something did indeed happen there on that empty stretch with the three empty houses and the three temperamentally bright street lamps and the happy dog by her side. Something in her aligned different and changed her. She was sad no more, weighed down no more. She lived, laughed, loved, cried.


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