conversations with Albert

“I don’t think I am entirely sane, Albert. I ask again every time to be sure even then I don’t entirely believe it.”

“I like Ayn Rand, especially how pure how much a virtue, being selfish is to her. If we all just moved towards being the best possible versions of ourselves, just in that one direction, maybe we might just be okay and not just some versus the other”

“I used to believe love, most passionately most fervently. I scooped it all up-the tub of movies, Bryan Adams, Nicholas Sparks chunk chocolate chip ice-cream. Then I stopped for a bit, then it happened, then I didn’t want to believe it. It scared me too much”

“Do people like you, Albert? I like you. You seem the affable sorts, easy to live easy to smile. People don’t like me too much. They do, a lot in the beginning then they drift away. I am an airport.”

“Even I hate horror movies. I could never sleep when I was a kid. I was convinced the shadow shapes, the sliver light before the ajar door, the whirring fan above me-all would shift, live the minute I closed my eyes. So I would try my hardest to keep them open.”

“How can you hate the rain? It is so glorious.”

“I love talking. There have been days, free summer days that went by so sweetly in all we had to say and hear, there have also been those days, I call them ‘silence awe time’ when I don’t talk at all. I talk out loud to remind me I still can”

“They say don’t listen to them but they matter, don’t they Albert? At least to convince me I matter, shouldn’t they too then?”


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