E was a girl like most. She grew up good. She studied hard. She kept her head down. She was never impolite or out of order. She was a good girl.
Did E ever think about Sex? sure she had the same curiousity towards sex as she would towards seeing horses fuck, an acceptance and revulsion of a natural process.
E was a girl like most. She had clear cut goals. She had straight A’s throughout school and acceptance letters from five of the best universities in the country.
Did E ever masturbate? sure she did. In the shower her fingers would trace circles onto her stomach, slow and fast the circles spun, tugging at the curls as her pulse beat in between.
When E turned 21, E hit a wall. The plan was done and there was no new plan to take its place. She didn’t know what to do with herself any more.
Xavier rolled the joint over his long, tapering fingers. He made it an art. They all would agree, five crowded in a tiny room, a bed a cupboard a table a wash basin a chair-that was all and yet the red walls paying homage to the gods of independent thought and the boy himself made it so much more to all those there. Sweet smoke filled the air, slow circles floated around them. People gravitated to him. They noticed him even when he did nothing to be noticed. Xavier had sex when he was 15, a girl older than him in his colony who he had played with when children. She called him over to see her room and introduced him to a world he never left since.
After college E took a break to decide and make a new plan to follow. All the girls she knew were being 21-happy, wild and free. Their plans hadn’t ended like hers. No detours no roadblocks. They adapted most well and evolved most right to the world at 21.
Did they think about sex? They loved sex. They owned it. The world was at their feet, unstoppable fearless beautiful creatures. They were on fire.
Did E have sex? well umm if you think about it, it is not something most people miss out on even once in their lifetime. She had it, of course she did but a bit delayed than what she had expected.
Xavier never had needed a plan. Everything just fell into place. The world was never too complicated, too confusing for him and even if it were he would just calmly figure it out. Xavier never worried especially with regards to sex.
Did E have sex with Xavier? Yes she did. She just couldn’t shake him off and then after a bit she didn’t want to.
Xavier persisted with her despite her childish attempts to throw him off. He persisted and charmed her even though he never needed to with other girls, with her he wanted to. She intrigued him, shy and angry all at the same time.
What was sex with X like? E loved it. She didn’t need to worry about inexperience or awkwardness. She knew it all and her body followed her unspoken mind moving out of her control exacting her desire that formed as she arched.
What was sex with E like? Xavier had been with many women in many places, slow Sunday loving fast drunken fumbling he had been everywhere. But for the first time he felt love. No. Not in love with E, not yet at least but in love with the moment, the intimacy the openness of her heart as she met him wave after wave.
Did E love him? No. not yet, not then but the moment after when he kissed her eyes, her lips, her cheeks, her forehead reverently, the barest tender kisses and then she felt it. Loved.


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