the land of placepeace peaks

Once upon a time, there lived a land called the Placepeace Peaks. The Placepeace Peaks was a valley nestled between three towering dangerously stony cliffs. The ocean raged and stormed outside the peaks but the valley was a haven of all things good and happy. They had no king, no law here. The crows would adjudicate if a dispute arose, but disputes never did arise. Old Ma Crow would talk of the time when SpineyPine fought with his brother Po’bodyPine. The crows intervened and Spiney has never been seen since then. The animals of Placepeace Peaks lived in harmony. The hunters were the bravest who would roam the lands beyond the three. The gatherers would scrounge the meadows of the valley for nuts and fruits. Berries would be strained and drained to make Am’ru by the lovely squirrels of the maitai tree. Am’ru was reserved for days of celebration and revelry, a new child born, a new love rejoiced, the prettiest days, the rainiest days. The mothers and fathers would alternate in teaching the children. They all lived happy and satisfied in the valley between the three.
Auntie Maggie Pie was the first to see the green stick of thorns, almost hidden away by the rocky cliff but not to her keen, experienced eyes. “Twenty years I have scoured this valley, there is not a pebble nor a blade of grass unknown to me and yet never, have I ever in my time and age set eyes upon a thing like that”. A town meeting was called. All the animals young and old gathered around the wizened, braided tree. Auntie Maggie Pie was asked to repeat her story again and again. It stunned them, confounded them, the thought of something new and unknown. Old Ma Crow, the eldest in the land knew nothing of a stick of green thorns or a green stick of thorns. It scared them even more. The children especially the bunnies of greygroundlow wanted to go see the green stick of thorns. The To-Kan birds wondered if it could be eaten. They were convinced it must be the most tender, most delicious fruit ever known. The Basketville hounds all unanimously agreed the stick should be barred off and avoided at all costs. They tittered and chattered till the day went out, swinging from point to point. At last the crows spoke in one, “We are not afraid of the thunder as it rains. We bathe in the storm. We will go see this stick of thorns and then we will know more”.
The next day at dawn, a motley crew led by yellow-black Auntie Maggie Pie and trailed by Lil’ Bunny Bo reached the spot of the stick of green thorns. They circled around it, three crows, a magpie, a cat, a beaver, a dog. Kata Lin, the most curious of them ran at it, sure that the stick would run and hide when faced with her fearsome self. She yelped and cried as she bounced back, a thorn stuck out obstinate from her behind. She cried so long, so loud, they had to go back to town. Old Ma Crow laughed and laughed seeing her cry. “This is no evil, children of mine. This is the Cacti, a spiny plant just like the Pines”


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