“You know sharks kill less than five people annually”
“I think that’s when I started falling for him”

A met B in a stairway. They were both busy and hurrying, late for lunch, late for class they ran down the stairs opposite to each other.

“I remember just a flash of colour and curl, bright red and purple, corkscrew black curls. That’s all I saw but it stuck somehow”
“He smelt like wood. That I remember most clearly. The rest was a blur, all purpose all matter of fact.”

A met B again in a bar. Saturday night. The smoke touched the ceiling as people clambered onto tables and sofa. Hands outstretched, bodies all swaying in one beat. They drank to youth. They celebrated infinity.

“Where did I meet her? In the washroom. I was tipsy, okay no I was drunk. I can’t deny it. The light, the white of the washroom was blinding.”
“I was standing in the corner, fighting with a guy for his cigarette”

“Once I get over the white and stumble in, I see her. She is this loud bright animation bullying this poor guy, abusing his wasted girlfriend for not giving her the smoke”
“Hey I did not abuse his bimbo, drunk girlfriend. She got involved. Her fault”

A walked B home that night. Did he stay the night? No. Did he leave with her number? Yes, he most definitely did.

“I called her the next day, texted her the day after that, texted her again two days later”
“I couldn’t remember his name. I was so embarrassed. I felt so bad. He got clawed in the face by the bimbo, as he tried to swoop in and help me. It was the sweetest thing but damn foolish at the same time. I didn’t have a single scratch on me”

A met B again on the same stairway. This time they had no pressing reasons, no excuses to run with. They had to meet.

“Let me take you out, Saturday”
“I didn’t want to. Still I thought what’s the harm. Its just a date”

A and B did not go out that Saturday or the Saturday after that. Does it mean their story ended there?

“In my defense, that week was jam-packed. I had tests. I had matches every day, drank almost every other day, a birthday here, a party there”
“He forgot. Everyone had gone for a movie, a movie I had really wanted to see. Still I didn’t cancel on him, and how I ended up waiting”

A and B were two very different people, not halves to a whole. They were two proud, stubborn, very distinctive wholes in themselves.

“I never believed in ‘the one’ or soulmates or anything like that. Love was fun. Mischievous. Easy. She wasn’t just love. She was so much more”
“I didn’t like him at all. I didn’t want to. Cocky, smug, arrogant person that he is, I was convinced. No, not him, never him”


A and B are going to swim with the sharks tomorrow. They have been together since that Saturday, that stairway for the past five years. Will they last? who knows. Are they happy? You know the answer to that.


“Love’s a shark. It kills but it doesn’t more often than it does”
“I fall more and more every day”


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