The Doctor

The Doctor was an unremarkable man until you got to know him. Slowly without any suspicion he will take you off guard, he grow on you, he will be everything and all.

“I keep falling in my dream, layer after layer, level after level. I might be in one night after night and then one fine day I fall down a lift shaft, down a balcony, down a well that never ended, I fell. I fell through circles of wild, feral cats lunging at me. Their claws would graze me and draw gossamer blood lines as I fell and fell. All of a sudden I just stop. It’s a square. The blackest square that closes inch by inch on me.”

The Doctor was an unremarkable man when you first saw him. He was not bad looking per se. The more you go to know him, the more hypnotic he got. He became all things good and beautiful. He became everything.

“Sometimes I dream of this place of light-everything is white, not antiseptic, sterile white but peaceful, calm living white-a delicate petal of a flower just for me. I shiver, cold goose bumps prickle me all over. I felt love with me, living, breathing love all around me, like a mother like a lover”

The Doctor was an extremely confident man. He was a man in the truest sense of the word. He would inhale you. He would consume you. He was that dream-the dream so reluctant the dream so bare that you would never dare to hope for it.

“My mother always said don’t dream for good; good things never last. Too much of anything good is bad. You will have to return twice fold what you got- the world’s never free. Love’s never free. You won’t know it then but He will collect his fee”

The Doctor becomes love-the beginning and the end, all of it, everything.


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