far from you

We both ache,
on different sides of the line.
Different sides of the coin,
we reach behind outstretched,
fingers almost graze yet we can’t touch.
We hurt and cope in some half-hearted tries to miss each other less,

but to no avail.

We slip and fall more and more,

day in day out.

I wait impatient restless every day.
I wait for the day to end, a day lesser of not being with you
a day closer to you.
You try to fill it up with clutter and smoke,
anything to not remember, anything to not feel.

I sleep on my side.
I keep space for you,
for you to hold me, wrap me
love me so tight;
there wouldn’t be a breath’s space between.

Even now, when I am here and you are there.
My breaths end in yours.
I am yours.


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