That unhealthy kind of feeling

I slam the phone just to pick it up
in a beat again.
I yell. I swear
to never see you again,
but there I am with this stubborn restlessness that stills only when I’m with you.
This mean,jealous,miserable love I feel.
I want you to drown in it too.
I grumble and ache every day
a day more for us to be apart.
I want you to ache in it too.
Every minute every breath I want to share it with you,but what would it matter, we would still be far.
I want you to feel far and grieve.
I want you to wallow in me and only me.
I want you to not just love me but to love me as if I were life itself.
As I do you,
my beginning,my end, my circle.


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