the shiny silver platter

My head was on a platter, a platter for you.

You giggled to yourself. You rocked back on your heels, giddy with joy.

The prospect of my head on a shiny,

silver platter of your grandmother’s royal lineage silver.

Just for you,

was too exciting for you.

He waited.

You crooned and bragged,

as a cat you crouched. Eyes became one with the dark coal night.

He still stood back. The smirk widened, amongst the flimsiest shadow curtains, I could almost see him.

So familiar, yet strange.

It wracks me, saws me.

It crushes me. It crumples me.

A crushed plastic can, kicked, stomped on the wind.

You stretched and arched, sauntered your way to me.

Poison-ivy eyes held mine all the way to me;

closer and closer.

He waited a breath.

The breath held. Held.

He moved on the wind.

a turn to disappear,

a whisper at my ear when he appears.

Bite.bite. bite;

nip just the slightest bit.

a turn to disappear.

The night pushes back,

sweet flannel night.

How she wishes to comfort.

‘forget, forget

let it be, let it go.

Hush. Shush.’

She sings. She lulls.

Green sea looks at me.

Caramel face caramel hands

Teach me tales of your lands.

Black hair tosses to the side,

a no in play, you smile.

I smile. I coax.

Cat purrs. Cat purrs louder.

Green sea eyes look at mine.

I turn he appears.

Green sea eyes are mine.

I turn the faintest nip at my ear.

The shiny, silver platter was empty.

Licked clean, it lay below the wrought-iron bed.

The rabbit nibbled closer, black-white snout sniffs a smile;

nibble on my smile that was,nibble on my face that was

on your grandmother’s shiny silver platter.


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