The Naiveists

There was once a time, a time that was indeterminable and indistinguishable and most definitely inconspicuous. This was a time remembered by none, well, almost none; the time was a reflection of the people. The people were quiet and unobtrusive.

Many years later, in a world like ours, in a time like ours, a community sprang up. People, who believed the same, followed them. These people were quiet, unobtrusive, shadows in an aggressive world of greed and lust. They were people, tired and fatigued by the world. They were disappointed disillusioned people, scared of that cynicism that frustration which affected the World at that time, they became the Naiveists. The Naiveists were believers of innocence and dreaming. They were not innocent. They were not even naïve but what they believed was they had to be both and more, in order to live a life worth living. Ask any of them, what is a life worth living and you would be answered with a bemused, or from the more serious ones, a quizzical, ‘a happy life of course, what else is there to live for’. To live a life worth living, a happy life, they conditioned themselves to look at the World a renewed way; perspectives were defined and inculcated in the believers from the youngest to the eldest. They looked at the World with hope and optimism, half full glasses, silver linings, unicorns they saw them all. Their World was a crayon drawing, smelling of childhood dreams and summer days infinite. The believers were unanimous in their thought unanimous in their happiness. Imagine the happiness they felt, from the youngest to the eldest, it was the same in intensity in feeling. There eyes were the same, their loves identical. The Naiveists looked at all things grey and sorrowful as learning blocks to reach their ultimate goal of living a life worth living. Death was an adventure, a reason to begin again to be born again, a reason to celebrate life again.

Their community prospered. Their strength lay in their unanimity. Their strength lay in their fear of the World, the very World they taught themselves to find magic in.


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