The story teller spinister

“The Lonelys weren’t always happy. They weren’t always content and satisfied with no complaints. They weren’t always envied and hoped upon, they weren’t” the old spinister around the corner used to muse, seemingly wizened seemingly wise had it not been for the numerous clothed persians that surrounded her. “He was most cold. She was most brazen, and their children, spawns of the devil himself” she cursed and spat. We would listen wide eyed and scared, those days of the endless rain where light was always electric and we beat restless against our walls, nothing to do but listen to the endless vehment stories the old spinister around the corner paid us to hear. Those days I remember now as grey and stale as grey as her favourite persian, a grey monster clad in baby pink and as stale as the bannana bread, she forced onto us at the end of every story. She must have been affectionate, funny, how those memories of then are so selective in detail. I can remember her cats but not her name, despite being a part of half of my life, I still couldn’t remember her name. The Lonelys were her favourite topic of conversation, we would make valiantly hopeless efforts to steer conversation away from them but everything came back to the Lonelys as the Romans might have felt in their time and day, she felt the same about them. My sister and I were bribed and coerced every day to give “the dear old dear” company by our parents, and so we went every day and sat in her sofa pompous velvet alongwith her persians, we sat. We listened to her stories and nibbled on her bread, an entire summer was spend in her room, a summer that turned out to be one of those summers that change you irrevocably forever.
“The Lonelys became happy and content and satisfied with no complaints whatever, the day the mango tree flowered that monsoon” which monsoon you ask her, she would shake her head in dismay and disappointment at your blatant ignorance and would croak out, “that monsoon is the only monsoon that ever mattered and that is all you need be knowing”, she would admonish us as if it were upon us that the favor was granted.


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