The Lovers

They were lovers even before they were born. They were lovers even before they set eyes on each other. They were lovers even before they touched. They were lovers.

The fates are ambigous. The fates are mysterious. They began as tellers of tales, tales extraordinary tales human, as time faded cynical yellow ther tales aged the same.She was born stubborn, lips set defiant fingers clenched righteous. He was born quiet, gentle and calm, solemn eyes that saw the world as it was meant to be seen. They met unaware, a careless glance in between a sea of people still her eyes widened his breath quickened, yet they still remained unaware, on the verge, at the brink but still unaware. They loved true. They loved fierce yet they still remained unaware of each other. The fates adamant in their rules waited and watched. They lived insignificant lives, content in their mediocrity habituated in their normality.

The day was the same as any other brimming with wasted probabilities. This was the day they remembered. He blinked solemn and decided and walked away from the comfort and the known. She stared stern and cold and walked away from the loved and dependent. They met again pulled to each other by a force greater than him or her or them combined; eyes transfixed they ached and yearned beyond anything imagined and unimagined.  They walked towards each other, aware and awake to each other. They met in each others arms. The moment held heaving with importance crowing with glee until it ended, reason prevailed and they looked at each other, they smiled sad and they understood. They walked back to their lives apart from each other. They died different from the way they lived. They died together. They died lovers.



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